Inflatable Chair Comparison Chart [Compare Chairs!]

Do you want to buy an inflatable chair? Make shopping easy with the comparison chart below. Compare 12 different blow-up chairs by price, rating, dimensions, colors, surface material, special features and more.

Inflatable Chairs

Dimensions Max Weight
Multiple Colors Notes

Intex Pull-Out Chair Bed

Inflatable Chair Bed

3.5 $28
(on sale)
43″ x 86″ x 26″ 300 lbs Yes No Chair has armrests, unfolds into a sleeper.

Multi-Max Inflatable Chair

Bestway Multi-Max Inflatable Chair

3.5 $30 75″ x 38″ x 25″ 250 lbs Yes Yes Chair unfolds into a lounger or bed, comes in blue, green, orange.

Inflatable Empire Chair

Inflatable Empire Chair

3.5 $36
(on sale)
44″ x 43″ x 27″ 300 lbs Yes Yes Comes in lime, orange or pink, papasan chair design.

Bestway Comfort Cruiser

Bestway Comfort Cruiser with Ottoman

3.0 $20
(on sale)
48″ x 37″ x 32″ 220 lbs Yes Yes Comes in green or orange, angled backrest, includes ottoman.

Inflatable Cafe Chaise

Cafe Chaise Inflatable Chair

3.0 $35 41″ x 43″ x 28″ 300 lbs Yes Yes Includes footrest, angled backrest, comes in yellow, purple or blue.

Bestway Inflate-a-Chair

Bestway Inflate-a-Chair

4.0 $25 44″ x 44″ x 26″ 250 lbs Yes Yes Bean-less bean bag chair, in purple, red or blue (when in stock).

Intex Ultra Lounge

Intex Ultra Lounge

3.5 $15
(on sale)
39″ x 30″ x 51″ 220 lbs Yes No Chair includes ottoman, angled backrest and built-in cup holder.

Cafe Club Chair

Inflatable Cafe Club Chair

4.0 $37 38″ x 30″ x 27″ 300 lbs Yes Yes Comes in orange or green, has armrests.

Bestway Nestair

Bestway Nestair

4.0 $19 33″ x 33″ x 29″ 250 lbs Yes Yes Unique modern design comes in blue, pink or green.