The $39 Fold Out Chair Bed + Lounge

Different Ways to Use the Fold Out Chair BedWhat Do I Love About This Fold-Out Chair?

As you can see below, there are 5 different ways to use this inflatable chair bed – and it only costs $39!

Yes, it is inflatable. To some people, it simply looks like a cheap portable chair.

To some of us, however, it looks a high-value piece of functional furniture that is also comfortable.

A chair. A lounger. Use it indoors or outdoors. Carry it around or pack it in your car and take it with you.

It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs (this is awesome!), and it takes less than 2 minutes to fully inflate this lightweight 12 lb chair.

You can get a lot of use out of this sleeper chair, even if you don’t ever use it as a bed.

And There’s More…

Not only does the package come with a $39 chair, you also get an electric air pump and a repair kit in case you need it.

Most electric air pumps cost around $10-12, so this is an instant price savings right there.

Get it here: Pure Comfort 5 in 1 Chair Bed

The first thought I had when I saw this fold out chair bed was to furnish the family room with 4 of them. Here’s why…

  • They can easily be moved around in different positions for whatever activity you need them for.
  • Each of them can instantly be turned into a twin bed when needed without having to set up a separate bed or guest bedroom.
  • Chairs can be more useful than sofas when used for gaming, reading or sitting around a table. They are also more versatile and easier to move than a giant sofa.
  • These chairs can easily be flipped over and turned into comfortable loungers for watching movies. Stack them together and you can have a double lounge chair (or bigger!).

Inflatable Chair Slipcovers for a Fold Out Chair Bed?

Slipcover for Inflatable FurnitureHere’s something else to think about: Slipcovers. Yes, the slipcovers cost more than the inflatable chairs. However, if you want them to look more like real furniture or want soft textured chair covers that you can wash then check out this idea.

These slipcovers stretch, so they don’t need to be an exact fit, like most other products. They also comfortably move with your inflatable chairs, which move a little as we sit in them.

Plus, they are available in 10 different colors! Get them for inflatable sofas too.

5 Ways to Use the Pull-Out Chair Bed:

  1. Cushy Oversized Armchair
  2. Comfortable Recliner for 1
  3. Spacious Lounger for 2
  4. Oversized Ottoman
  5. Twin Bed

Dimensions: 79″ x 42″ x28″