Intex Inflatable Empire Chairs VS Bean Bags…

Inflatable Empire Chair Set
Inflatable Empire Chairs Come in 3 Colors: Lime, Orange and Pink

If you like bean bag chairs – but you don’t want to keep buying refill beans because your chair goes flat – you’ll really like the Intex Empire Inflatable Chair. Not only do you not need to continually buy more beans to “plump it up”, but inflatable furniture keeps its shape better due to the structural design that’s built in.

What is a Beanless Bag Chair?

This Empire Chair is almost a mix between a bean bag lounger and a round papasan chair. It provides the perfect amount of coziness for reading a book, playing video games or watching movies – yet it has enough support that you don’t feel like you’ve fallen on the floor in a heap.

How do They Look?

I also think it looks cool. Although not expensive-looking, it’s got a clean, modern appeal that is more sophisticated that traditional bean bags. Don’t get me wrong, I love bean bags and they have their place and purpose, but they can tend to look a little sloppy in a living room.

Colors: Orange | Green | Pink

What About Cleaning Them?

A big advantage that inflatable chairs and sofa have is that they are easy to clean. Simply wipe them down and you’re done. And don’t be tricked by the soft top-flocked surface. That’s waterproof too, so you don’t have to worry so much about spills.

1 Big Difference…

Just like bean bag chairs, these inflatables are very lightweight and easy to move. A big difference, however, is that they are portable, so you can them with you on vacations, sporting events or camping trips. Deflating and inflating them is quick and easy, whether you use a manual hand pump or an electric or battery operated air pump.

Fully-inflated size: Approximate inflated size 44″ x 43″ x 27″
Weight: only 6.6 lbs (pick it up with one hand!)

3 Inflatable Empire Chairs

3 More Beanless Bag Chair Features I Like:

1. A really big advantage to having inflatable chairs is that they can act as temporary seating when you need it. Of course, when deflated, they take up virtually no space at all in a closet, box or underneath a bed.

Empire Chair on Patio2. They are significantly cheaper than buying regular upholstered furniture and way more comfortable than sitting in regular folding chairs.

3. Plus, your guests will comfortably happy during movie night, card games or your next backyard patio cocktail party.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that they will take up more space than folding chairs. You need to consider the comfort-space trade-off.

Note: These chairs have a durable 2-ply vinyl bottom, so go ahead and take them outside – just don’t drag them around.

Beanless Bag Chair
courtesy of Houzz

Something I Didn’t Like:

One thing I didn’t like about these inflatables is their shiny exterior. However, when I evaluated their overall comfort, versatility, low cost and value, I quickly got over my dislike. I have to give something up if I want it for cheap, right?

Plus, I figure if it really bothers me that much I can throw a blanket on it or create a furniture cover with a furry piece of fabric.

I’ve done that with other round chairs before, and it’s surprising how fur can totally transform a chair  – and if you don’t need a fitted upholstered look, you don’t need much skill either. =)