Narhwal – My Favorite Inflatable Whale Chair?

Do you want a comfortable, one-of-a-kind chair for lounging and gaming (that doesn’t cost a lot of money)? The Narhwal Whale Chair looks super cool, and it costs under $40!

Narhwal Inflatable Whale Chair - or Pool Float

Most of us know about the giant inflatable pool swan. Not only does it look fun floating around a pool, it makes a comfortable lounging chair too.

Well, the Narhwal also makes a pretty entertaining-looking pool toy. But I think it makes an even better chair.

5 Reasons Why the Inflatable Narhwal Makes a Perfect Chair:

1. For one, it provides some hefty arm rests. Inflatable swans don’t have anything that resembles armrests, so they feel less like a chair.

Inflatable Narhwal Whale Chair for Gaming, Lounging or the Pool2. Second, the inflatable Narhwal chair has a higher backrest. Therefore, you can sit more upright in it if you want. Not to mention, it gives you some neck support if you want to lay your head back.

3. Third, you can get the Narhwal inflatable whale for under $40. And who can’t use a cheap blow up chair for gaming, watching TV, reading or talking on the phone.

4. Fourth, you can easily carry this 2-lb chair. Move it from room to room or take it outside on the patio. Not to mention, you can deflate it, pack it in a bag or your car and take it with you to the beach, a park or a friend’s house.

5. Fifth, the plastic construction makes this piece of furniture waterproof and easy to clean. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spilling on it or getting it wet. (You may never want to go back to regular upholstered furniture!)

Before You Buy an Inflatable Whale Chair, Take Note…

Plastic Inflatable Whale ChairSimilar to a swan or unicorn float though, the Narhwal’s pointy tusk requires you to have adequate space. In other words, it may not fit well in smaller rooms, as it may overtake the space.

That said, such an impressive horned whale demands attention, and you probably don’t want a lot of other furniture around it anyway. I mean, competing furnishings will just take away from its impressiveness, right?

Tips for Inflating the Whale Chair:

This inflatable comes with “quick release” valves, meaning you can inflate or deflate it fast. I recommend using a cheap $15 electric air pump. However, you can also use a hair dryer if you don’t have a pump.

Inflatable Narhwal Whale with Unicorn-Like Tusk/Horn. Use as a Chair or a Pool Float

Nahrwal Inflatable Whale Chair Specs:

What is a Narhwal Anyways?

This real-life animal is known as the unicorn of the sea. In fact, the ivory tusk is actually a tooth. It can grow up to 10 feet in length.

Many people don’t even know that this unique sea creature exists. In addition to providing a comfortable place to sit, the Narhwal whale chair can be a great conversation starter at parties!