What’s My Favorite Inflatable Patio Lounge Chair?

Swimline Sunsoft Inflatable Patio Lounge Chair

Are you looking for the comfort, low cost and portability of an inflatable chair, yet you want the style and sophistication of more trendy furniture? You are in luck!

I recently came across this inflatable outdoor lounge chair that would easily work on a deck or indoors as it would poolside. In fact, you can sit on it in a pool too. It’s that versatile.

You’re right, this does not sound like any ordinary inflatable chair. This is the “SunSoft” inflatable fabric-covered chaise made by Swimline, the maker of Taylor Swift’s Giant Swan Float.

The Latest Trends in Furniture…

The SunSoft has a modern contemporary design, and the fabric turns an otherwise cheap-looking piece of furniture into a swanky upscale lounger. Even PIQluxury says that one of the latest trends in modern furniture is professional inflatable furniture. This is due to the fact that newer generations are more mobile ad demanding that their personal property be as well.

I also love it because it’s light enough that I can move it around easily (it even comes with a discreet carrying handle in back). I can also remove the cover anytime for easy washing. This is perfect for furniture if you plan to use it outdoors.

Swimline Sunsoft Inflatable Chairs in Lime, Orange & Gray
Swimline Sunsoft Chaise in Orange, Lime & Gray

More than an Inflatable Patio Lounge Chair…

Because this lounge chair is designed for outdoor use, the fabric is weather-resistant and more durable than other inflatable chairs. Don’t be afraid to be rough and tough on it. These seats are made to look better and last longer with minimal maintenance or hassles.

Not only that, but this thing has multiple adjustable air chambers. It’s almost like a Sleep Number Bed! Customize the firmness or softness of the chair so it’s just right for you.

Pros and Cons of the SunSoft:

It costs more than other inflatable chairs its size but I’m not sure other inflatables can actually compete with the SunSoft. I mean, really. You get all of the advantages of a regular inflatable, plus even more benefits with the upgraded features.

According to FifthRoom.com, a hot trend right now in interior design is using outdoor furniture inside. It’s a great way to get more use out of a set of furniture – not to mention save money at the same time.

Even though this inflatable lounger has more of an upscale look to it, it also has a more casual, rugged feel. Don’t be expecting a plush chair that will fit in with your upholstered furniture. The cover is more like a sturdy, durable mesh canvas. Plus, don’t forget that this lounge chair is designed for pool use too.

Measures: 43″ 31″ x 24″. You can see how large it is in the video below:

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