Intex Inflatable Loveseat Review [Pros + Cons]

Are you looking for an inflatable sofa that costs less than $50? Check out this inflatable loveseat from Intex…

Intex Inflatable Loveseat can Fit 2 People Comfortably

Note: Normally, I’d assume that the company uses small people in the photo to make the furniture appear larger. However, this loveseat measures 75″ long! That makes your average loveseat look small, not to mention it’s longer than many futon sleepers.

How to Use the Inflatable Loveseat:

Whether you need comfortable patio furniture, extra seating for guests or a cheap sofa for the kids’ room, this loveseat makes a great option. In addition to fitting multiple people at once, you can use it as a lounger or even take a nap in it. It’s very versatile to say the least.

On top of that, this sofa can hold up to 600 lbs in weight! You can almost treat it like a regular sofa, except you can move it easily by yourself because it weighs less than 10 lbs.

Intex Inflatable Loveseat Dimensions and Features

As you can see from the shape, the armrests don’t sit very high. You may or may not like this. For example, these lower armrests actually work well for lounging or resting your head (compared to other inflatable sofas). On the other hand, if you prefer higher armrests where you can elevate your arms while sitting down, you may not find this design as comfortable.

This Low Maintenance Sofa is Easy to Clean,
Plus You Can Stick it in a Closet.

Another wonderful feature that I like about inflatable furniture is that the pieces are easy to clean. In most cases, you can simply spray spots and spills with soap and water and wipe away any dirt. Heck, if you use it outdoors, you can even hose it down!

Inflatable sofas, of course, can deflate and store compactly. This characteristic also makes them convenient to travel with. Think camping, day trips, friends’ houses, etc…

Using the Inflatable Loveseat Outdoors…

And don’t worry. Intex has designed this inflatable loveseat with outdoor use in mind. The base of the sofa has a durable 2-ply reinforced bottom.

Actually, Intex designed this inflatable sofa for camping. In fact, it has a compartment in the base that you can fill with water to weigh it down. (Just FYI, in case you’re going on a camping trip soon…)

Plus, don’t forget those awesome cup holders!

What’s Wrong with this Loveseat?

The only thing that this sofa doesn’t have going for it is that you can’t convert it into a double bed. Go here for an inflatable sofa bed.

Intex Inflatable Loveseat Specs: