An Inflatable Chaise Lounge Sofa?

You might not have thought of using an inflatable mattress as a permanent piece of lounge furniture in your home, but think again. The Intex Comfort Frame Airbed Kit has a lot of cool features that actually made me want to buy one.

Inflatable Double Chaise Lounge

First of all, this “indoor chaise lounge” is really a bed within a bed. You essentially get 2 beds in one without having to pay for 2. You can sleep more guests at one time without having to worry about whether you have enough sleeping space.

Secondly, the raised back of the “frame” (headboard) lets you sit up and lean back (as you would on a lounger) without the mattress slipping away from the wall. This lets you use this bed as a comfortable chaise lounge. It’s perfect for watching movies, reading, playing games, etc..

Third, it’s a double-high airbed, so it looks and feels more like a real piece of furniture at approximate sofa seat height. You don’t feel like you’re sitting on the floor, and it’s not a struggle to get in and out of.

Fourth, this double chaise lounge is queen-sized. This is no small lounger, so make sure you have room for it. This spacious inflatable makes lounging extremely comfortable for two people (or more if you have kids). Not only will you have space to sit, but snacks if you want them, laptop computers, etc..

Dimensions: 95″ wide x 76″ long x 30″ high (top of headboard)

Review of the Intex Comfort Frame Bed:

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Fifth, the “bed within a bed” feature makes fitted sheets a breeze to put on. Whether you use fitted sheets, a large fleece blanket, duvet or upholstery fabric – this makes it easy to protect the air bed from spills or dirt (plus, you can enhance the look of it).

Sixth, the kit includes a separate pump. I actually prefer air pumps that are not built into the mattress because it enables you to use the pump for other chairs, sofas, pool toys or even sports equipment that you may have. You also don’t have to buy an extra pump.

Seventh, this is an inexpensive piece of furniture. I mean seriously, where can you get 2 guest beds plus a large sofa lounger for under $150? Sure, these inflatables are cheaper to produce and can deflate into the size of a carrying bag – but that doesn’t make them less likable.

At one time or another, we have all used a bed as a makeshift couch to watch TV, work on a computer or whatever. Some are actually more comfortable than many sofas out there, let’s face it. Now, with this inflatable chaise lounge sofa, we have a real excuse to lounge in comfort while not feeling lazy in bed. 😉