“Floating Cabana” Inflatable Sofa for Pool, Patio or Beach

You can use the Intex Canopy Island as an inflatable sofa for pool, patio or beach activities. This piece of furniture is versatile, not to mention portable. Plus, it costs under $100!

Canopy Island Inflatable Sofa for Pool, Patio or Beach

The retractable (and detachable) sun shade is another bonus. Now you don’t necessarily have to worry about packing an additional umbrella if you go to the beach.

Intex Canopy Island Floating Pool LoungerPlus, I love the backrest. It essentially turns this floating cabana into an inflatable sofa.

In addition, you get 2 built-in cup holders and a grab rope that extends around the edge of the raft. This grab rope is not just for grabbing, however. You can easily tie up to a dock or attach a floating cooler too.

Inflatable Sofa for Pool… and Land?

Many people wonder if they can actually use a pool raft on the patio or indoors as a lounge. Yes, you can. Think of it like an air mattress.

Intex Inflatable Sofa for Pool with Cabana CanopyIn addition, Intex builds in another level of durability by using 2 air chambers instead of one.

This helps stabilize the raft while on water, but it also adds extra protection should one chamber temporarily get a leak.

Often, I prefer inflatables to regular patio furniture because they have more cushioning. Plus, you don’t need to find a drink table because you already have a drink holder.

Intex Canopy Island Specs:

  • Dimensions: 79″ long x 59″ wide
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 2 adults
  • Air Patch Included
  • Get it Here, Free Shipping

Over the years, I have purchased many Intex products. In my experience, they have held up well, especially for their low price. Typically, I will buy their products before other brands (them and Coleman). More information on Canopy Island.

That said, I’ve had to patch mattresses, rafts and inflatable sofas in the past. However. patching inflatables is typically very easy (and fast and cheap for that matter).

All you need is a $6 patch kit. Two of the most popular products are Airstop and Gorilla Clear Duct Tape. What’s even better is that Intex already includes a free patch repair kit with the Canopy Island Package!