What I Think About the Inflatable Sectional Sofa…

Intex Inflatable Sectional Sofa seats more than 3 people comfortably - looks like a real sofa!
Intex Inflatable “Sectional”

OK, this is not *truly* a sectional sofa, it just looks like one. It’s the Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa that comes as a single piece of furniture rather than multiple pieces.

That is… if you only get one. At $159.95 $139.95, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper couch.

This Inflatable Sectional Sofa is Not a Bed!

Yes, it is big enough to sleep on (and comfortable enough!), but it does not convert into a full mattress. If that is what you are looking for, check out the inflatable sofa sleeper.

It has a neautral color with deep seats and wide armrests. Not only is it functional, but it actually offers a level of sophistication that I have yet to see in other inflatable furniture.

It is designed for comfort while not looking like a cheap eyesore in the middle of your living room. You know what I’m talking about…

The Inflatable Sectional Sofa Travels the World

You can use the corner sofa for everyday use in the family room, movie room, man cave or even outdoors if you decide to throw a barbecue or pool party. (However, I would not recommend keeping your Intex sofa outdoors full-time, as the manufacturer does not design them for long-term outdoor use – blame it on the sun).

You can quickly inflate and deflate the sofa, plus you can easily move it around to where you want it. As you can see, it can comfortably seat a significant number of people (up to 880 lbs), and if you set up a coffee table with snacks right next to it, you might never be able to get your friends off of it.

So, What are the Sofa Specs?

This is a well-made piece of furniture that you can even take traveling with you (when deflated of course). Here’s what you need to know:

  • Inflated size approximately 101″ x 80″ x 30″
  • Total weight capacity 880 lbs
  • 2-in-1 inflation valve means you can quickly inflate or deflate your furniture in minutes using the same pump.
  • The bottom has a sturdy vinyl surface, while the top is waterproofed-flocked (for comfort and less slippage).
    Intex Corner Sofa
    It’s Like a Sofa and Chair in One.

    Sound Familiar?

    You may have heard of Intex Recreation Corp., since they have been in business over 50 years making all sorts of inflatable products – from pools to spas to air mattresses and more. These are not just cheap pool toys, their products hold up to the outdoors, water, heat, heavy use, kids, etc..

    Air Pump
    Oh, and you will need a $12 air pump. This has the 2-in-1 valve.

    What I Look For

    When I buy inflatable sofas, chairs or mattresses, I want durable products because I never know who is going to use them. I may not plan on using them outside or have a bunch of kids jumping around on them, but I don’t want to worry about them deflating in the middle of a cocktail party or or good movie.

    No, not all of my home furnishings are inflated. However, inflatables sure offer a lot of advantages.

    Here are My Favorite Inflatable Sofa Benefits:

    • Very Low Shipping Costs: Saves me money (so I can buy more furniture, of course).
    • Easy to Move and Relocate: Small doorways? No problem! (and I can pick them up and vacuum underneath them in 30 seconds)
    • Super Portable: Great for outdoor parties and camping, or simply re-arranging for guests
    • Less Stress: I don’t freak out when I spill cocktails on them. Oops, did I just say that out loud?


    Things You May Not Like About this Blow-Up Couch

    • The Color: Currently, it only comes in white. This is not my preferred furniture color, for reasons which are obvious.
    • Punctures: If your friend sits on the sofa with something sharp in his pocket, you most definitely will get in an argument. That said, when all is said and done, just pull out a patch kit
    • Sun: As I mentioned above, you don’t want to keep your couch out in the sun for prolonged periods of time, because the heat will expand the air inside air, stretching out your furniture (personal experience).
    • Life Span: Unlike traditional framed and upholstered furniture, this $139 couch will most likely not last you 20 years. I can tell you that right now. If you like to hold on to your sofas for that long, this one is not for you.