Which Inflatable Camping Sofa is Best for Outdoors?

Do you want to bring a blow-up couch on your next camping trip? I have a few ideas, including this ultra portable and durable inflatable camping sofa…

In fact, the manufacturer designed this sofa specifically for outdoor use. Therefore, you can count on getting a lot of use out of it.

Self-Inflating Camping Sofa is Ultra Durable, Compact and Lightweight for Travel

How is this Inflatable Couch Better for Camping Outdoors?

1. First off, this camping sofa is constructed of extra strong PVC and polyester material that is pressure-resistant and holds it’s shape. As a result, it feels more firm and supportive when you sit on it and lean back.

2. Second, the construction features a dual-layer design that is leak-proof. You don’t have to be gentle with this sofa, nor do you have to worry about setting it up on the ground. Plus, it can support over 600 pounds of weight.

3. Third, the couch has a high-pressure air pump built right into the sofa. And, it’s rechargeable! Therefore, you don’t have to purchase and carry around a separate pump. (You can even get a matching chair.)

Inflatable Camping Sofa and Chair Set

4. Fourth, this couch is super compact (when deflated) and weighs less than 10 lbs. In fact, you can easily carry this air sofa in a backpack. Then, it only takes 4 minutes to inflate once you reach your destination. Talk about convenient.

Note: Although this outdoor sofa makes a fun camping accessory, it’s not really designed for sleeping. If you want a sleeper or inflatable chair bed, see below…

Aerogogo Inflatable Camping Sofa Specs:

  • Dimensions: 41″ Long x 30″ Deep x 32″ Tall
  • Seat Height: 15″ High
  • Seats 2 PeopleAerogogo Camping Couch Self-Inflates and Deflates to Fit in a Backpack
  • Weight Capacity: 661 lbs
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Material: PVC and Polyester
  • Waterproof
  • Color: Lake Blue
  • Built-in Self-Inflating Air Pump
  • Brand: Aerogogo

What if You Want an Inflatable Camping Sofa Bed?

Alternatively, you can get a double sofa bed mattress that sleeps 2 people. It has a similar design to the camping sofa above in that it has armrests, drink holders and can seat a couple of people.

Intex 2-in-1 Fold Out Inflatable Sofa Bed

However, it also folds out into a sleeper at the end of the day. Or all day, depending on how tired you are.

Compared to buying (and packing) both an air mattress and a sofa, this provides a cheap solution. Not to mention, 1 blow-up item takes up less space than two.

How to Inflate the Camping Sofa Bed:

12 Volt Portable Electric Air Pump for Camping, Comes with 3 Different Nozzles

Although the camping couch self-inflates, the fold-out sofa bed doesn’t include an air pump. You can easily pick one up for about $15-20.

For travel, I like this compact, portable and battery-operated electric air pump.

First of all, it inflates much faster than a hand or foot pump. Plus, it doesn’t take up a lot of valuable storage space when traveling.

Second, this model comes with a 12-volt power adapter and a standard power cord that you can plug into a wall outlet. This makes it much more versatile because you can use it in more places. Not to mention, you can use it on batteries alone.

Third, the package includes 3 different nozzle styles. Therefore, you can use it to pump up balls, rafts, pool toys and more (in addition to your sofa, of course).

Fourth, this particular air pump can deflate your sofa just as fast as it blew it up. For large items like couches, mattresses and rafts, this feature comes in very handy.

And once deflated, your sofa packs up small in the back of your truck or car.