The Intex Inflatable Sleeper Sofa – How it Compares…

Do you want an affordable, comfortable and portable guest bed that you can also use as a couch? Intex’s 2-in-1 Inflatable Sleeper Sofa sleeps 2 people, travels well and can be used indoors or outside. Plus, it has even more advantages…

Inflatable Sleeper Sofa Pulls Out to a Bed in 5 Seconds

1. Save Money on this Inflatable Sofa Bed

First of all, this pull-out sofa bed only costs about $50. You can save a bunch of money versus buying a mattress or futon. Not to mention, you don’t need to pay shipping costs.

If you don’t have frequent overnight guests or simply need a spare bed for occasional use, this blow-up bed provides an inexpensive option. Plus, it costs about the same as a standard air mattress, but you get the sofa too!

2. Get More Use with a Portable Pull-Out Sofa

Inflatable Portable Sofa for Camping OutdoorsSecond, you can use this pull-out sofa indoors or out. Therefore, you can take it camping, to the beach or use it in your backyard.

The durable PVC fabric is tough enough for outdoor use, which makes it a lot more versatile and user-friendly. Not to mention, the waterproof material allows it to withstand a little rain – and it cleans up easily.

You can’t really do that with other sofa beds, so you can get a lot more use out of an inflatable. Moreover, this 20-pound piece of furniture is really easy to carry around. =)

Blue Inflatable Sofa for 2 People - that Pulls Out into a BedNote: The Intex inflatable sofa also comes in a dark blue color, which may be a better option for outdoor excursions due to its ability to hide dirt better. For example, a festival sofa, beach sofa, lawn sofa or for camping,

3. Inflatable Furniture Saves Space

If you don’t use your sofa bed all the time, you can quickly deflate it and stick it on a closet shelf. In other words, you don’t have to give up an entire room in your house for friends that visit only a few times a year.

Alternatively, you can set up these inflatable sofas for use as permanent furniture. They still save space because you can fold up the air bed into a couch.

Having said that, these air beds inflate fast. They don’t require lots of time to assemble because you basically connect an electric air pump and press a button.

Portable Air Pump for Inflating Blow Up ChairsNote: This sofa doesn’t come with an air pump, but you can buy one for cheap (about $15). The air valves on this sofa have extra-wide openings, so you can inflate and deflate the sofa bed fast. Of course, if you already have a pump, you can save even more money. =)

Inflatable Sofa Bed VS an Air Mattress

Obviously, a sofa bed has more capabilities than a bed alone. However, the design of this pull-out sofa gives you a backrest, even when pulled out.

The upright backrest makes the sleeper more comfortable for reading and lounging. Plus, you get built-in cup holders, which always come in handy. =)

Inflatable Pull-Out Sofa Bed with Backrest and Cup Holders

Specs for Intex Inflatable Sleeper Sofa:

Inflatable Sofa SetNote: If you want 2 matching blow-up sofas, you can save a little money by getting an inflatable sofa set.

Not to mention, having 2 couches makes it easier if you want to have one for indoor use and one to use outdoors.

Create Inflatable Living Room Set with 2 Blow-up Chairs…

Intex Inflatable Chair Bed Turns into Twin Mattress for 1 PersonYou can get a complete living room furniture set by adding a 2-pack of inflatable chairs. Plus, these blow-up chairs pull out to twin air beds as well.

In other words, you can seat 4 people and sleep 4 for only about $100 (with 1 sofa and 2 chairs).

These Intex chairs essentially have the same features of the larger sofa bed, but in a smaller size. For example, you get the upright backrest, durable PVC material and soft flocked top surface. However, you don’t get the built-in cup holders.