Inflatable Patch Kit & How to Repair Inflatable Furniture

The Bad News… and Good News About Inflatables, Leaks and How to Repair Inflatable Furniture:

Unfortunately, inflatable furniture can “spring leaks” if you puncture them. Many people think that holes are difficult or time-consuming to patch.

Inflatable Sofa with Greg and Dana Sitting on itHowever, blow-up furniture typically has a durable outer vinyl fabric, if you buy from a brand name company. This hard-wearing material stand ups to regular use, kids and pets and sometimes the outdoors.

That said, even well-treated inflatables can get holes due to normal wear and tear. The good news here is that the repair process is usually quick, easy and cheap. Compared to other potential furniture problems, you can usually patch a hole in a matter of minutes!

2 Factors to Consider When Patching Inflatable Furniture:

1. New blow-up furniture will need time to “stretch out” after you first inflate them and start using them. What appears to be a loss of air may actually be the vinyl stretching to it’s full shape. Don’t be too quick to think that you’ve got a faulty product when in actuality the furniture is just growing and “maturing” to it’s full size.

2. Cooler air will typically shrink the air in your blow-up furniture, making it seem like they have lost air. On the flip side, hot air will expand the inside air (which is why I say not to leave your inflatable furniture out in the sun for extended periods of time).

The Hardest Part of Finding a Leak:

In my experience, the hardest part of the patching process is actually finding the leak. Holes are generally so small that you can’t see them with the naked eye, and air leaks out so slowly that you might not even notice that air is missing for several days.

The video below “How to Patch an Air Mattress” explains the easiest way that I have found to locate the problem area and patch it quickly – in any type of inflated furniture.


Does My Inflatable Furniture Get Holes?

I have inflatable furniture that has lasted me years. They are not leak-free chairs, sofas and mattresses. I’ll be honest, I apply a patch about once every 12 months. My inflatables get regular daily use, so I’m actually surprised that they haven’t exploded yet.

I own a small patch kitvinyl air mattress patch kit that I bought for about $10, and it has lasted me over 8 years. I have even used Gorilla Glue with a vinyl patch when in a bind, and that totally works (Gorilla Glue is amazing!).

In short, I have never owned an inflatable mattress, chair, sofa, lounger or raft that I have not been able to quickly repair. So, don’t be afraid of leaks and patching them up. The benefits of blow-up furniture far outweigh the minimal hassle of cutting and glueing a vinyl patch.

Intex also has more information and answers about how to repair inflatable furniture on their Frequently Asked Questions page (specific to their products).