Inflatable Lounge Goes Indoors + Out!

Need a piece of furniture that you can take with you?

The Intex Ultra Daybed Lounge is super portable and versatile – you might never need another piece of furniture. Let me explain…

Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge
Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge

1 First of all, you can sleep on it.

Your guests can sleep on it. Kids love sleeping on it. If you sit on it, you might fall asleep too, so just be warned.

It measures 75″ in diameter (a little over 6 feet), so no, it’s not the biggest bed in the world. If you are over 6 feet in height, you probably shouldn’t torture yourself by sleeping on this lounger full time. (Note: the headrest is detachable, so you can remove it and add more space to the sleeping surface.)

However, many people are shorter than 6 feet, and I would bet that plenty of people would jump at the chance to sleep on a round mattress. It’s simply a rare opportunity.

Round Inflatable Daybed
Measures 75″ x 75″ x 21″

2. Second, it’s great for watching movies.

Watching TV or movies on a sofa or chair is fine… until you’ve tried an ultra lounger. Sprawl yourself across this giant inflatable chair, or share it with a friend if you feel inclined.

It’s somewhat like a bed, except that you can easily pick up and carry the inflatable daybed to wherever you want to put it. (You can even take it outside and create an outdoor movie screen or just watch the stars.)

3. Third, you can throw it in the pool.

You heard me right. You can instantly turn your indoor inflatable into an outdoor pool toy because it’s waterproof and obviously, it floats.

Get your tan on, read a book or take a nap. The important thing to keep in mind is to not get off the lounger because if you do, someone else is likely to get on it and then you’re stuck. Unless you have a secret backup, that is.

Speaking of pools, check out this cheesy video:

Get the Ultra Daybed for less than $75

4. Fourth, it makes great patio furniture.

The reinforced, laminated base along with the waterproof flocked top surface make these round loungers ideal for outdoor use. They are durable, so they stand up to the elements, and many argue that they are more comfortable than regular chaise lounge chairs.

Air Pump
Don’t forget your air pump!

They are also extremely lightweight, which therefore makes them easy to move. Plus, you can deflate them for taking on camping trips, beach days, relaxing at the park and more. See more ideas for inflatable furniture here.

You can’t get more versatile and user-friendly than that.

What other furniture do you need?