Inflatable Mattress for Car Camping – Turns into a Sofa Too!

Do you want to turn the back of your SUV into a comfortable bed? This multi-functional inflatable mattress for car camping works as both a sofa and a sleeper.

Inflatable Mattress for Car Camping and Moe

In fact, you can use it in the back seat of a sedan, hatchback or the bed of truck too. The mattress conveniently folds to fit the size of most vehicles.

This Inflatable Sofa Bed is an Even Better Value Because You Can Use it in So Many Ways:

For example, you can take advantage of this portable air bed at home. It can sleep 2 overnight guests, or you can fold it into a sofa for backyard entertaining.

Take it to the beach, lounge in it while watching movies, use it as an inexpensive piece of furniture for a kids playroom.

4 Different Ways to Use an Air Mattress in Your Car

Then, you can deflate the mattress (using the included air pump) and store it in a closet. In fact, it folds up compact enough to fit in an easy-to-carry bag (also included).

Note: This inflatable sofa bed comes with an electric air pump that includes both AC and DC adapters. Therefore, you can easily plug it into your car charger or a wall outlet at home. (And fill up all sorts of blow-up furniture, pool toys, etc..)

The inflatable bed has 4 different air compartments. So, you can fill all sections or only the ones you need to fit in your vehicle. In fact, this may be the best air mattress for car camping if you like having that versatility.

Portable Fan Light for Car CampingAlthough not as luxurious as sleeping on a coil spring mattress, these air beds can make sleeping in your car more comfortable. They work especially well at turning a bumpy uneven surface into one that is uniform and cushioned.

Speaking of comfort, outdoor enthusiasts might also appreciate having a fan and a light. Or an even better ideas would be a portable fan-light. In fact, his may be one of the best $20 investments you can make for car camping.

Tips for Inflating Your Blow-Up Mattress:

Similar to most inflatables, the new material may stretch when first inflated. Therefore, you may need to add a little more air after you first inflate the sofa bed.

To prevent overheating, don’t use the rechargeable pump for over 10 minutes at a time. The air bed takes less than a couple of minutes to inflate, so this should not be an issue.

Specs for the 4-in-1 Car Camping Air Mattress:

  • Inflated Dimensions: 71.6″ Long x 51″ Wide x 5.9″ Thick
  • Folded Size: 15″ x 10″ x 5″
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Material: PVC Vinyl
  • Color: Blue with Grey
  • Weight Capacity: 573 lbs
  • Package Includes Air Pump, Nozzles, 12V DC & 100-120V AC Adapters
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Car Air Mattress

Inflatable Car Mattress Package Includes Air Pump, Nozzles, Carry Bag, Adapters

By the way, the PVC vinyl surface is really easy to clean, which makes these mattresses even more attractive for outdoor use. Not to mention their double thick material for an extra-durable design.