Inflatable Loveseat… or a Chesterfield Style Sofa?

Inflatable Chesterfield Sofas
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The Chesterfield Inflatable Loveseat is an upscale version of your kids’ playroom sofa, altough I wouldn’t even put them in the same category. This mini sofa provides the sophistication, comfort and durability of traditional living room furniture, yet it’s extremely portable.

To give you an idea of how durable it is, the PVC “upholstery” is the same material that is used to make boat towables. These are designed to hold up in extreme pressure, speed and use. As you might imagine, the sofas provide worry-free durability. Oh, and the PVC also has UV protection.

Fun, Versatile & Affordable.

Inflatable Chesterfield LoveseatThese inflatable couches can be used indoors or out, and they are easy to move around. No wonder they have been a popular piece of furniture at corporate events, hotel cocktail and poolside patios and even celebrity functions.

They are fun-looking versions of the traditional Chesterfield sofa. The inflatable model, however, is easier to keep clean and much lower in cost. This factor makes them perfect for temporary or occasional needs, such as holiday parties, weddings and special celebrations.

The Chesterfield Inflatable Loveseat is smaller than many other blow-up couches. If you want something a little larger than a chair but a sofa is too big, this is a great solution. It doesn’t take up too much space, but it can seat 2 people.

Roll Out the Red Carpet…

Chesterfield Inflatable Sofa Set Indoors
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Plus, it is cozy. This sofa definitely creates an ambiance in an space. It’s sophisticated enough to use indoors and not look like an out-of-place pool toy. In fact, it adds more style than many sofas.

These Chesterfields were even used at the Famous Cannes Film Festival

Chesterfield Inflatable Loveseat Specs:

  • Dimensions: 65″ wide x 40″ deep, backrest is 31″ high, 18″ off the ground
  • Package includes patch kit, carrying bag and 400 W A/C pump
  • Constructed of .60mm PVC
  • Sofa inflates in approximately 4 minutes

Uses are Limitless:

But this Chesterfield is not just fancy-looking, it is fun. For instance, you can take a bunch of them to the tennis court for a movie night. There may not be a better way to watch a movie outdoors, or indoors for that matter.

Chesterfield Inflatable Sofas on Tennis Court for Movie Night
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A Note on Price…

The distributor, MiConcepts, sells this inflatable furniture line through a variety of different resellers, so prices can vary. One example is Wayfair, which sells this 2-person loveseat for over $800!

But wait, there’s more…. A Matching Chair.

Chesterfield Inflatable Chair

Need I say more?