Giant Inflatable Swan Pool Float – Is it a Good Buy?

You’ve probably seen or heard of the Giant Inflatable Swan pool float. Not only does it make a really comfortable lounger, but it looks pretty cool just floating around the pool.

Giant Inflatable Swan Pool Float

Do I Think that the Giant Swan Float is a Good Buy?

Because this inflatable pool toy has been on the market a few years, more sellers have entered the market. Therefore, the price has come down quite a bit, making the inflatable swan more affordable. (You can get in under $20 here!)

Not only do kids love it, but adults can sit on it and use this pool lounger as well. In fact, with a capacity of 315 lbs, the swan can hold as many as 2 adults.

Giant Inflatable Swan Floating in Pool

That being said, most families can get plenty of use out of their swans. In fact, it may be a good idea to get a few of them so people don’t end up arguing over who gets to use it. =)

In other words, I think that this inflatable chair is well worth $20, especially when compared to other pool toys.

Note: The swan comes in a variety of different colors. However, I wouldn’t recommend getting a black swan because the dark color absorbs heat and can end up feeling quite hot.

How Should You Blow Up Your Inflatable Swan?

Portable Air Pump for Inflating Blow Up ChairsIf you plan on using your swan pool float at home in your backyard, most likely you won’t need to inflate it very often. Therefore, I wouldn’t spend lots of money on an air pump.

However, since this pool lounger has a large air capacity, I wouldn’t suggest blowing it up by mouth. That simply would take too long.

You can get a cheap electric air pump for about $15. Just plug it into an electrical outlet, connect it to your inflatable swan and turn it on.

Specs for the Giant Inflatable Swan:

Giant Inflatable Swan Floating in Pool

More Blow-Up Animals You Can Use as Pool Chairs:

Of course, since the inflatable swan came on the market more animal pool floats. In fact, you can buy similarly-sized unicorns, flamingos, peacocks, ducks, dragons and more.

That said, the “original” swan costs less and can save you some money simply because it is more common.

What if My Inflatable Swan Gets a Hole?

Clear Inflatable Patch Kit for Pool SwansI own lots of inflatable sofas, chairs, mattresses, pool rafts and other furniture. Therefore, I always have a patch kit on hand. I mean, you never know when you’ll need one, and they provide a cheap and easy fix to small holes.

This is especially important for inflatable pool toys, because they typically receive more abuse and sun exposure.

Tear-Aid makes a clear vinyl patch kit that doesn’t require any glue because it has adhesive built right into the patch. This $10 no-mess easy solution resists abrasions and can provide a permanent fix to minor punctures.