Beanless Bag Chairs… That are Inflated?

Beans or No Beans?I’m a big fan of bean bag chairs.

However, the inexpensive ones under $20 can be expected to go flat pretty fast if you sit in them regularly. Then, you’re left feeling like you’re pretty much sitting on the floor unless you purchase a bag of refill polystyrene beans – and this can cost as much as the original chair itself!

Why Spend More Money than You Need to on a Bean Bag Chair?

When I saw these Inflate-a-Chair bean bag chairs, I thought, “This is the perfect solution!”. I can get my cheap comfortable lounging chair and not have to buy those refill pellets.

These inflatable chairs are designed with 2 air chambers and sturdy coil beam construction, similar to many air mattresses. This makes them stronger, helps keep their shape and prevents the chair from just rolling over.

Inflatable Bean Bags are Versatile & Easy:

Just like a traditional bean bag, the inflatable version is lightweight and easy to move, it comfortably conforms to your body and you can furnish an entire room of them for under $100. I can take them outside on the deck (yes, they are suitable for outdoor use), I can sit on them while working on my computer and can even use a second one as a footrest (as long as someone else isn’t sitting on it, of course).

Inflatable Bean Bag Chairs
Inflatable Bean Bags come in 3 beautiful colors

But there are some other features that I realized I liked…

  1. The surface is flocked, so it is a softer fuzzy surface instead of the usual vinyl that comes on a regular bean bag. You don’t slip around on it, and I think that the non-shiny surface actually looks better too.
  2. They can be deflated, so I can easily take them with me if I want (ie camping, soccer games, picnics, the beach, etc..).
  3. Also because they can be deflated, they are compact and easy to store. They make great extra seating for guest when needed (movie night, poolside loungers, etc..)

Dimensions when inflated: 44″ x 44″ x 26″

Intex Inflatable Bean Bag ChairIntex also makes a Beanless Bag Inflatable Chair.

It’s a little more expensive, but it comes in a neutral color and has a corduroy texture flocking for a more upgraded look. These chairs are a tad bid smaller than the Bestway version above, just FYI:

Dimensions when inflated: 42″ x 41″ x 27″

Intex Beanless Bag Chairs in 3 colors

What you might not like about inflatable bean bag chairs:

They can get punctures and leak air. Holes are easy to fix with inexpensive patch kits, but just know that they come with the territory.

Over time, they can stretch out (especially with lots of use) and may need to be replaced. In most cases, you can expect a few years use out of them, if not more. I also recommend not leaving them out in the sun for long periods of time, because this causes the air inside to expand and also stretch the vinyl. This will extend the life of your chairs (as well as not over-inflating them).

Inflatable bean bags can make great gaming or reading chairs for kids. However, if you have a smaller child or toddler, stuffed bean bags, cushions or stuffed animal chairs may provide a better option. For example, check out these dinosaur bean bag chairs for kids.