A Double Chaise Lounge… that’s Inflatable?

Do you want an ultra-cushioned double chaise lounge without paying a lot of money? Why not get an inflatable pool raft and transform it into a year-round lounger that you can use indoors and out?

How to Use an Inflatable Pool Float as a Giant Double Chaise Lounge Indoors Year Round

Inflatable Furniture Can Save You a Bunch of Money:

These inflatable pool loungers cost a small fraction of the price of regular furniture, yet they can provide just as much comfort. Not to mention, you can lift them up and carry them with one hand!

Of course, you can use these Airhead double loungers on the patio, deck or poolside. They provide a comfortable, relaxing spot to read, nap or get a tan.

How to Use Your Inflatable Chaise Lounge Indoors:

In addition, I like using inflatable furniture indoors for watching movies, playing video games or working on my laptop. Maybe just as comfortable as a sofa, yet better than an air mattress because it has that elevated backrest.

Fur Duvet to Cover an Inflatable LoungerBy the way, I use fur fabric, blankets or duvet covers to make my inflatable pool rafts look more like indoor furniture. Seriously, it does the trick!

Not only can you choose the upholstery fabric and color that you like, but you can easily remove and wash it.

Of course, this brings up the cost of your chaise lounge sofa. However, for less than $150, you can have a super soft, lightweight, easy-to-clean awesome-looking chair lounge. =)

Note: Do you watch movies outdoors in the summer? These double chaise lounge chairs work perfectly for backyard movie nights.

Plus, blow-up furniture is super easy to store for times when you have extra guests.

Double Chaise Lounger in Pool

Specs on the Double Chaise Lounge:

Note: Like most pool toys, this inflatable chaise lounge does not come with an air pump. You don’t need one, but they sure make inflation easy.

You can buy one for about $15 that comes with multiple nozzles, so you can inflate all sorts of furniture, mattresses, balls and sports equipment.

Should You Get 2 Single Chaise Loungers Instead?

Alternatively, you can get a single inflatable chaise lounger (or 2). I mean, sometime you just don’t want to share your chaise with another person, right?

Inflatable Pool Lounger with Backrest in Green

The 1-person chaise comes in the same 3 colors (lime, blue or raspberry) and weigh about 8 lbs. So, you can mix up the colors or buy 2 chairs that match.

Although this smaller model only fits one person, it is actually quite spacious. In fact, it measures 3 feet wide, so it feels pretty luxurious.

Note: The single-sized version costs about $45, whereas the double costs around $58. Therefore, you get a much better deal for your money on the larger size.

What are the Drawbacks of Inflatable Loungers?

Blow-up furniture tends to feel more bouncy that your typically sofa or chair. This chaise also sits lower to the ground. Some people don’t like this.

In addition, inflatable chairs and sofas over time can get small leaks. Although I find these repairs to be quick and easy, it still takes effort that you don’t have to worry about with traditional furniture.