Cheap Living Room Furniture Under $105

Cheap Furniture Myths:

Inexpensive furniture does not have to look cheap or be uncomfortable. Nor does it have to be used, dated or ugly. You can spend less than $105 and get a complete living room furniture set that is comfortable, cozy and functional. Imagine that!

Mix and match, get multiples or get one giant sectional to seat everyone!

Intex Inflatable Sofa
Inflatable Sofa $75

Opens into a Bed

3 inflatable empire chairs
3 Empire Chairs $105

With Cup Holder

Inflatable Lounger with Ottoman Set
Lounger with Ottoman $25

Get 4 for $100

Inflatable Fold-Out Chair
Fold-Out Chair $28

Opens into a Bed

Inflatable Sectional Sofa
Sectional Corner Sofa $90

Seats 5+

Inflatable Chair with Cup Holder
Chair with Cup Holder $25

Get 4 for $100

Most people don’t even consider inflatable furniture like sofas and chairs because they don’t know there is such a thing. The inflatable couch has come a long way and is no longer just a pool toy.

Many companies that manufacture air beds and mattresses have started producing blow up furniture like sofas, chairs and ottomans. These days, there is much more selection – not to mention that the quality is better.

Inflatable Furniture is Not for Everyone…

That said, don’t assume that you can simply replace your traditional upholstered La-Z-Boy recliner with an inflatable chair. It does not offer the same experience. Inflatables do have a different feel, which for some can take some getting used to.

In fact, some people don’t like blow-up furniture at all. They prefer sturdier pieces with solid frames that won’t lose air if you happen to stick a pencil into them.

Who Would Like a Blow-Up Couch?

To appreciate inflated chairs and sofas, you probably are the person who also likes bean bags and hammocks. For example, soft and comfortable seating that molds to the shape of your body. They are great for watching movies, reading, lounging and falling asleep.

Furniture that is filled with air offers 5 more advantages over their traditional counterparts:

1. First of all, they are portable. Take them camping, to the beach, outdoors for a picnic, etc.. Most pieces weigh between 5 – 10 lbs, so a single person can easily carry them. This means you can use them outside for a backyard barbecue or pool party when you entertaining or have guests over.

The Inflatable Sectional Sofa Travels the World

2. Second, you can deflate them and stick them in a closet or under a bed (aka: the fold-up sofa). There are not many sofas that you can compact into a small space when you are not using them. This means that when you aren’t using them, they don’t need to be taking up a lot of extra space. This can be a perfect solution for people who live in small apartments or homes.

3. Third, they are super easy to clean. Typically, inflatables are constructed of vinyl and therefore can be cleaned with a simple wipe down with a wet cloth or soap and water. Even flocked surfaces clean easily, and you don’t need to hassle with airing out cushions, stained armrests, etc..

4. Fourth, no flat cushions! If you are shopping for a cheap sofa, most likely you are seeing lots of seat cushions that have lost their “fluff” or cushioning. As you probably have already guessed, inflatable couches and chairs keep their shape (as long as they have air in them).

5. Fifth, many of these sofas and chairs transform into air mattresses. Use them to sit on and sleep on. Some people prefer them to a regular air bed because theses pieces offer multiple functions and more versatility. In short, you can get more use out of them and they cost pretty much the same price.

DIY Cheap Furniture Set

The Downside to Cheap Living Room Furniture:

Vinyl air-filled chairs and sofas do not last as long as leather furniture. Thus, the huge cost difference. If used on a regular basis, expect them to last about a year. If used infrequently, (ie. overnight guests, additional seating for entertaining, etc..), they can last much longer.

Keep in mind that small punctures and leaks can easily be patched with an inexpensive $10 patch kit and ready to go again in a matter of hours. This will extend the life of your furniture – minus the short downtime of repair.

Although blow-up furniture does not look expensive, some of the newer products actually look quite nice. They have a more modern look and can easily be dressed up with throw blankets and additional pillows. On the other hand, some products are best used in kids rooms or college dorm rooms where comfort (and low price) is more important than looks.

Too bad there isn’t an inflatable table to match these cheap mix-and-match furniture sets. But maybe that’s a good thing. =)